Access Control

Keyless technology has long been established in the motor car industry however it is now beginning to creep into the mainstream of the door industry. With advancements in technology it’s very possible that soon we will be saying goodbye to conventional keys for many businesses.

EP_Doppelknauf_3061_FDSecurity Care are a registered supplied of the keyless cylinders developed by Simon Voss Technologies. Through German Engineering and precision they have developed a reputation as a leader in the field of digital locking worldwide.

Cylinders can fitted into any new doors which are ordered by our clients or replace cylinders which we’ve previously supplied for existing customers. Locks are operated by a transponder or electronic card which fits in your wallet or purse.

The advantages over traditional keys are that you get exact intelligent feedback on who is moving in and out of a building. Furthermore when fobs are lost they can cancelled via the click of a mouse ensuring that security is not compromised.

Unlike typical access control there is no wiring or labour cost of having to use electricians. All the access control systems are stored within the cylinder, powered by a long life battery which supports 400,000 cycles.

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