Anti Vandal Window Shields

One of the best methods of protecting windows and doors against vandalism is by installed a vandal shield. This will provide an effective barrier against rocks or stones getting chucked windows or doors. The product also acts as a deterrent to anyone looking to burgle a property.

As it is a bespoke manufactured product we can supply and install it to perfectly suit the window or door which needs protecting. Available with a 2mm steel perforated mesh or polycarbonate glazing fitted in the Aluminium framed gasket.

As there are no moving parts the vandal shields requires minimal maintenance with just the occasional clean necessary to protect the powder coat finish against erosion.

Anti Vandal Shields offer ideal protect for windows and glazed doors against vandalism by providing a physical barrier to stop stones etc.

Posted by Security Care Ltd on Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Magnelis Steel Doors

Security Care now supply and install doors manufactured from Magnelis Steel. This material offers exceptional protection against erosion as well as general wear and tear.

What is Magnelis?

Magnelis is a new metallic steel coating which combines a unique mixture of attributes. The process is similar to that of galvanised steel however provides up to 10 times better protection. It’s produced on a classical hot dip and made from a zinc composition however includes 3.5% aluminium and 3% magnesium.


The obvious benefit of having a Magnelis door over that of one manufactured with zintec or galvanised steel is that it’ll last much longer.

The steel doors we supply with Magnelis come provided with extended warranties. This includes 10 year anti corrosion and 5 year paint/hardware warranties. Furthermore fixing kits and touch up paint are sent out as standard.


For areas which are in harsh environments choosing Magnelis is the logical choice. If you’re interested in a quotation please call us on 0121 445 2587 or send an email to

Residential Tower Block in Birmingham

Yesterday we carried out an installation for a domestic property which had been suffering through the threat of burglary. The client had already attempted to prevent this by installing a security camera. However they then suffered the problem of the wire getting cut criminals.

Therefore we installed a 14 point Multi Locking steel door which should keep them firmly out. This replaced a previous flimsy timber door which hadn’t been fixed in securely as the frame could be shaked. The customer chose a white frame and green leaf which ended up working very well and giving a bold attractive appearance.

If you suffer similar problems in Birmingham with burglary at your home please get in touch today for a free quotation or advice.

To overcome a security issue which a resident living in a Tower Block in New Town, Birmingham was suffering we installed a 14 point Multi Locking Steel door. Fitted with a spy viewer and letter box.

Posted by Security Care Ltd on Thursday, December 3, 2015

Bangor Museum Security Grille Installation

Bangor Museum

Security Care recently installed Eclipse Security Grilles as part of a wider refurbishment of the museum in Bangor. Due to the high risk nature of the building and the artefacts which it would house it was deemed necessary to install our most secure grille to the inside of their windows.

The Eclipse itself is the only security grille currently on the market which has been tested and approved to LPS 1175 SR3. This involves a variety of rigorous testing to ensure that it can stand up against an attack.

If you’re interested please call us on 0121 445 2587 or send an email to

Stainless Steel Framed Doors

The door below was installed at a hospital in the Midlands. They specifically requested the door to be a zintec steel door with a stainless steel frame. Therefore we had to design a door for their requirements.

After consulting our design team we were able to meet their particular vision of the door. The final product it has to be said gave a very sleek design although the purpose was more with cleanliness in mind.

For each job we design a custom door and often these prove to be unique. With sizes, glazing and hardware being set up exactly for what the customer requires. This means we can design and install specialist doors like the one pictured below.

Specialist Stainless Steel framed door which we designed and installed specifically for use in a hospital.

Posted by Security Care Ltd on Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Installation: Providing a Complete Package

A lot of our customers prefer supply only of their security equipment however for the complete package we always recommend choosing installation.


If you choose installation we will come out to site to carry out a full site survey. During this the surveyor will talk you through the options available and make his own recommendations. We’ll also take full responsibility for the measurements and the installation meaning you needn’t worry.


Shortly after you’ve placed the order we’ll get in contact to arrange an installation date which is suitable with yourself. For the majority of products installation will be typically two weeks after placing the order.

We always ensure that two fitters are on site for the installation. Partially due to the weight of the equipment which we are working with as well as health & safety.

Typically a door will take 3-4 hours whilst a grille will take approximately 1-2 hours to install.

Post Installation

After the installation we’ll tidy away the site and make sure everything is working as it should. The end user will be shown how the equipment works and we’ll pass over the keys. Furthermore we get you to quickly fill in a customer handover sheet to ensure everything was satisfactory.

Burglar Bars Installation in Kings Norton

Please see pictures below of an installation carried out recently in Kings Norton.

The client in question had been suffering from a burglary problem by intruders breaking the glass and gaining entry through the narrow windows. As the gap wasn’t tall enough to accommodate security grilles we advised the installation of bars instead.

These offer a solid barrier against intruders. Fixed top and bottom by a 38mm x 38mm box section which the bars sit in. The Bars are also designed to spin so as to protect from attacks by a hacksaw.

If you have a similar problem please get in touch with us at Security Care on 0121 445 2587 and we’ll help you overcome your security issue.

Extra Colours Available

We’re happy to announce that we have extended our choice of standard colours to now include over 50 shades which can be used on our Demon Steel doors. Please see latest colour chart below.

We can both supply and install steel doors across the Midlands. With a wider choice of colours we’ll be able to provide our clients with a wider variety which had been requested.

Of course if you need a specific colour which isn’t one of our standard ones, that needn’t be a problem however please be aware that there will be an extra cost incurred.

Wide Range of Security Doors

At Security Care we install a wide variety of Security doors across the Midlands and beyond. Each door is custom manufactured to the client’s specifications and depending upon the level of security required within their budget.

The hardware required can vary from sashlock or deadlock for most locations to a multi locking door for more vulnerable situations. Furthermore LPS 1175 certified doors can provide the extra protection you need and is often specified by insurers for installing to high risk commercial buildings.

If you have an issue with Security please get in touch with Security Care and we’ll visit your site to advise on the type of security door which you’ll need. Our highly trained installers will offer you the peace of mind of a top quality local service.

Flood Protection Doors in the Midlands

We supply and install a range of specially designed doors which have been engineered to protect against flooding. This has been achieved without the need to compromise on security.

Fitted with three point locks they have been tested rigorously so that they carry no less than two kitemarks.

Flooding continues to be a major problem across the Midlands and can cause damages in the millions. Flood protection is an essential part of bringing this cost down by helping guard businesses against the very worse effects.