Communal Doors

The Premium Communal doors sector of the market is an area where we foresee particular growth in the next 5 years as businesses try to team aesthetics with a strong level of security. We supply and install two types of doors which are designed specifically for communal entrances.

Classic 2 The Classic 2 is the latest addition to our range which has been precisely engineered to be the ultimate communal door on the market. Manufactured out of 1.5mm steel, it offers an alternative to the traditional communal entrances which are made out of aluminium.

Tested and approved to PAS 24:2012 this range offers exceptional value as an entrance door which doesn’t compromise on appearance, security or quality.To protect against vandalism doors are provided with a concealed door closer.

*Note this door is available for supply and fit only.

Full Secured by Design accreditation
All options are tested to PAS 24:2012
17 Different Configurations to choose from
Glazing can be substituted for steel panels
Easy Maintenance
New Pivot Hinge System
One Piece Tamper proof seal to secure glazing
Stronger & more impact resistant
Aluminium scratches & dents easier
More durable and resistant to wear
More vandal resistant
Easy Maintenance
Steel Panels can be swapped for glazing
17 Different Styles of door configurations are available to choose from

Demon Communal Doors

Ever popular the ‘Demon’ communal range offers less flexibility in terms of glazing options and is slightly more of an industrial door in terms of appearance. However in terms of strength it provides your building with excellent security.

Leafs are manufactured from 1.5mm thick folded zintec steel and the frames frames from 2mm. For suitability for heavy use they are fitted with continuous steel piano hinges and door closers are concealed in the frame. Variety of locking options are available which can be connected up to an access control system.

Unlike the Classic 2 these can be provided as supply only if you are looking to save on cost although we advise that they are fitted by our fully trained fitters.

*Certified to PAS 24 with Limited Options.