Security Grilles & Doors Fitting Dudley

window security

Dudley is a key area of the wider West Midlands economic hub, providing 10,500 businesses and a workforce of 117,000 people. Consequently it can also be a very active region for criminal activity. Therefore it’s worthwhile making sure that your property is fitted with an adequate amount of physical security.

If a burglar is going to get entry through into your building they will get in via the window or door typically. The first step to secure your property in Dudley is to install a heavy duty security door. Steel is the best option as it is both strong and will not splinter such as timber. When our skilled surveyor comes to visit you he will make his own recommendations on what is best required and what hardware to use on your steel security door.

To tackle vandalism in Dudley, Security Care can install anti vandal shields which will protect your windows and any glazed doors you may have. We can supply vandal shields with either hammerglass or a steel mesh fitted on the inside of the frames to prevent objects striking your windows.

To request a visit from one of our experienced surveyors or a free quotation please contact us on 0121 445 2587 or send an email to
window security

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