Security Grilles & Window Bars

Security Grilles represent the elegant way for both households and commercial buildings looking to make themselves suitably secure. Our grilles available include both the CX and the Extendor range both of which are manufactured by Bradbury Security.

The equipment we install is from Bradbury Security as importantly we consider that they are the highest quality grilles available on the market. At Security Care we believe passionately in security and take care to source the best products. As part of our commitment to maintaining high standards we have invested heavily in the ‘Secured by Design’ initiative.

CX Range.

The CX has been designed using the patented crosslinx rivetless system. Grilles in the past have traditionallbeen held together with rivets however they will be the weakest point. The crosslinx system provides increased strength and protection to your opening.

Entry Level Grille
Ideal for Domestic Properties
Two Point Slam lock
TWide Range of Colours
Independently Tested to LPS 1175
Level 1.
Stylish S Shaped Lattices
Two Point Slam Lock
Ideal for Domestic/Commercial use

Extendor Range.

Unlike the CX range our Extendor grilles have been designed with the idea that they all look visually similar. The key advantage this offers to the customer is that they can mix & match products so as to save costs.

Secured by Design Approved grille
Multi-point Locking
Resistant to Hacksaws and Electric
Ideal for Domestic/Commercial
Independently tested to LPS 1175
Security Level 2
Enhanced Multi Point Locking
Approved by the British Association
of Insurers
Suitable for Offices/Factories
Independently tested to LPS 1175
Security Level 3
UK’s only Boltcutter Resistant Grille
Offers Unbeatable security
Stainless Steel Shootbolts

Barrier Grille

More commonly recognised as a scissor grille, the xpanda is a highly flexible product that can be used for a variety of applications. Designed as a method to restrict access in warehouses/shops they offer an effective temporary safety barrier.

Xpanda Grille
Square steel lattices held together
by high tensile rivets
Can retract to 15% of its width
No need for top or bottom fixings
Can fold 180º flat against wall
Ideal for partitioning/traffic control

Steel Bars

Looking for a no nonsense form of security? In which case, Burglar bars offer the perfect way of securing your windows to keep potential burglars firmly outside. A long lasting product which can be fitted either internally or externally.

Anti-saw Burglar Bars
20mm Solid Steel Bars
Rotates 360º to Protect Against
Low Maintenance
Quick & Easy to Install
Effective Deterrent