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Flood Protection Doors in the Midlands

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We supply and install a range of specially designed doors which have been engineered to protect against flooding. This has been achieved without the need to compromise on security. Fitted with three point locks they have been tested rigorously so that they carry no less

Communal Doors

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The Premium Communal doors sector of the market is an area where we foresee particular growth in the next 5 years as businesses try to team aesthetics with a strong level of security. We supply and install two types of doors which are designed specifically

Steel Doors A to Z Jargon Buster

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Activator Ironmongery device (eg: panic or push bar) which both unlocks the door set and opens it in one positive action. Active Leaf The first leaf to open in a pair of doors (followed by the inactive leaf) Adjustable Frame Fixings See ‘Screw in Frame

Steel Door Maintenance

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HINGES Ensure there is no visible wear on the hinge. Any marks, stains around the hinge knuckle may indicate wear and or impending failure, if the latter the hinge must be replaced as soon as possible. Hinges should be lubricated every three months using a

What Shops do Burglars target?

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Burglars will target any type of shop depending on what they are looking to take. This is because every single shop has money in it, which is the most common reason why shops are targeted. They will break in to steal money out of

While Your School is Closed

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Schools are one of the main targets for criminals especially burglars, vandals and arsonists. They are most vulnerable when closed at evenings, weekends and holidays. When a school is vandalised or burgled there are many consequences, not just the financial cost but it also affects

Leasing of Security Equipment

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We can offer in partnership with a number of finance companies a leasing agreement on our security installations, investing in effective physical security can be a large investment and it can put pressure on the budget, obviously it does not a good idea to cut