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Communal Entrance Doors

Heavy duty doors used for shared entrances where the doors are likely to be subjected to constant use, vandalism and abuse, School doorways, Entrances to Flats and other Communal areas, These are usually fitted with vision panels with polycarbonate glazing, available with heavy duty locking mechanisms, enclosed anti vandal door closers, Heavy Push Button Entry Systems and Magnetic Locks that can be used with Access control systems.

Classic 2

The Classic 2 has been precisely engineered to be the ultimate communal door on the market. Manufactured out of 1.5mm zin-tec steel, it offers an alternative to the traditional lightweight Aluminium communal entrances. The benefit over timber entrances is that they also require very little maintenance in comparison.

At an extra cost, we also can manufacture the doors in Stainless Steel, ideal for coastal locations which need extra durability. Furthermore, we recently extended the range to include a fully glazed Classic 2 Aluminium Entrance Door.

Tested and approved to PAS 24:2012 as well as Secured by Design this range offers exceptional value as an entrance door which doesn’t compromise on appearance, security or quality. To protect against vandalism doors are provided with a concealed door closer as standard and a one piece tamper proof glazing.

Key Features

  • Full Secured by Design accreditation
  • All options are tested to PAS 24:2012
  • 17 Different Configurations to choose from.
  • Glazing can be substituted for steel panels.
  • Easy Maintenance
  • New Pivot Hinge System
  • One Piece Tamper proof steel to secure glazing
  • 17 Different styles of Door configurations available
  • 5 year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Suitable for High Traffic applications

If you are interested in a Classic 2 Communal Door for your entrance or simply want to find out more, please get in touch with a member of sales on 0121 445 2587 or send an email to sales@securitycare.co.uk.

For more information on our Classic 2 Range, Download our brochure here DOWNLOAD BROCHURE

Secuirty Care Doors
Secuirty Care Doors Secuirty Care Doors


In addition to steel we can provide lightweight glazed aluminium doors as part of a security package. Commonly these are used for main entrances or situations where they will be likely, subjected to a high volume of traffic. The doors have been designed in mind for heavy usage applications.

A major advantage of Aluminium is the amount of glazing you can incorporate into each leaf than compared with a typical door manufactured from steel. This consequently makes them appear more attractive and also have the benefit of allowing maximum light in. This could be essential for a retail stores that want the perfect balance between aesthetics and security. Strength is provided through 100mm x 50mm box type sections.


  • Available, outward, inward or double swing
  • Anti-finger trap hinges
  • 6mm safety glass (single or double glazed)
  • Variety of hardware available
  • Electric Strike can be connected up to work with entry systems.
  • Supplied in a powder coat finish
Secuirty Care DoorsSecuirty Care Doors
Secuirty Care Doors


Manufactured from 1.5mm (2.0mm optional) thick steel.

A premium product the slimline range allows natural light into a building and is particularly favoured by high end commercial clients. As the thickness of the frame is the same as that of the leaf this means that there will be no rebate as seen on typical timber or steel doors.

*Can be provided as fire (integrity & insulation) or rated at an extra cost.

Secuirty Care Doors
Secuirty Care DoorsSecuirty Care Doors

Our Recent Work

We like to think the quality of our products speaks for itself – Take a look over some of our recent projects below for an idea of the Security Care standard.


Security Care is proud to be affiliated with several recognised partners for our accreditations, showing the level of experience we have in our industry and the consistent quality of work we have maintained over the years.

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