Employment Rises

Unemployment in the West Midlands has risen to 235,000 which accounts for approximately 8.8 per cent of the areas total workforce according to recent government figures. This has bucked the wider national trend of falling unemployment signifying that the region continues to seriously suffer.

Generally a rise in unemployment will coincide with an increase in criminal activity as people are driven to desperate measures in difficult times. Therefore the risk of businesses being targeted by thieves and disgruntled vandals will increase. Importantly now is the time to act by carrying out a risk assessment of your property or business.

In many situations the best form of defence against criminals will be to install physical security to the windows and doors particularly for businesses which are at a high risk of being targeted i.e. electronic stores and offices. By doing this you will prevent easy entry into your property as offenders will attack the points of access.

We have many options available for the various situations which we can offer. This includes various security doors, grilles, anti-vandal screens and roller shutters which we can fit to your property. Before any installation our experienced surveyor will come to measure any openings and offer his own advice into what level of security is required.

For any further information or quotation please contact us directly on 0121 445 2587 or email us at sales@securitycare.co.uk. Please note we only install across the West Midlands Region.

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