ENV 1627 Class 3 Doors

To ensure that the security door you purchase is up to standard then it’s important to ensure that they have been certified independently rather than simply rely on the claims of the manufacturer. We only supply and install level 3 doors which carry either the ENV 1527 European standard for safety equipment or that of the UK equivalent LPS 1175 test standard so that the customer can be fully confident in the product.

Level 3 doors are suitable for a variety of different purposes including Retail Outlets, Cash Offices, Sub Stations and Domestic Security. Recent surveys have suggested that 80% of burglaries happen by means of forced entry through the front door so it is imperative that businesses and homeowners do all they can to make secure an often weak area of the building.

The ENV 1627 Level 3 doors come with a variety of options so that they can be tailored to the individual customer needs. Before any installation our surveyor will come out to carry out a site so that he can check measurements and offer his own expert advice as to what is required for the situation.

With over 15 years of experience installing security equipment across the West Midlands and beyond you will not find a better service in the area. Where there is a high risk of criminal activity or a big investment at stake we would advise that you contact us urgently on 0121 445 2587 or sales@securitycare.co.uk so we can swiftly get a quote back to you.

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