Police Reform & Business Security

In November this year the West Midlands first ever Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) will be elected. This the government believes will empower the voter and make the police authorities more visible to the general public.

The Birmingham Chamber of Commerce has urged candidates to make to make tackling crimes against businesses a top priority. During an event organised by the chamber on the 25th September candidates were pressed on their policies.

During the event it was found that nearly 31% of businesses in attendance had been directly victims of crime. As well as 77% claiming that the level of crime would dictate whether or not they’d locate to a particular area. In order to attract business it is essential that protecting business is made a priority if Birmingham is to flourish in the future.

Business crime in the West Midlands is estimated to cost the region £26,000 each hour according to the Katie Teasdale: Chamber director of Policy and Strategic relations. Despite this though not enough focus is given to the on-going problem.

Importantly however we cannot levy total responsibility upon the Police. Window and door security in Birmingham must be made a priority by businesses themselves in order to help alleviate the problem. As accredited installers in Birmingham of Window and Door security as well as holders of a ‘Secured by Design Licence’ we can help tackle your crime problem.

If you are based in the West Midlands, Birmingham, Coventry, Wolverhampton as well as outlying areas and require Window or Door security for your business please contact us on 0121 445 2587 or send an email to sales@securitycare.co.uk.

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