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Roller Shutters

We supply a large range of different types of shutters that are custom made to fit any size opening to suit our customer’s requirements. Our surveyors can advise on the best type of window shutter / roller shutter and if you supply the sizes we can usually provide a quotation the same day.

Roller Shutters can be manually operated, chain operated or electrically powered, all the steel shutters are galvanized against corrosion and powder coated coloured finishes are available.

Manual shutters are fitted with pinson locks or centre locking handles, electric shutters are usually operated by a push button or key switch or can be fitted with remote control.

All our electrically operated shutters are fitted with components, motors, safety brakes and switch gear that is CE marked and conform to BS EN 13241-1-2003

There are many benefits of fitting shutters, protecting against vandalism and burglary, providing privacy, weather protection if fitted to the outside and they can also reduce air conditioning and heating costs.

Categories of Shutters:

Steel Shutters

Heavy Duty galvanized steel shutters either manual push pull operation or electrically powered. Steel shutters are suitable for most commercial applications where toughness is required and can be fitted either on the inside or outside.

They can be left galvanized or finished in a range of colours, the shutter curtains can be solid or made see through with slotted or perforated lathes

Applications for Manual Steel shutters are :- smaller windows, doorways, secure areas.

Applications for Electric Steel Shutters are:- shop front shutter, doorway shutter and window shutters.

Aluminium Curtained Shutters

Shutters with Aluminium curtains either manual push pull operation or electrically powered, these shutters are suitable for applications where appearance is important commercial or domestic or where there is limited headroom because of the smaller mechanism and can be fitted either on the inside or outside or built into new buildings.

Standard colours are white or brown, other colours are available at extra cost.

Applications for Manual Aluminium Shutters are :- smaller window shutter (inside or outside), doorways, serveries, bars and reception counters.

Applications for Electric Aluminium Shutters are:- window shutter (inside or outside), doorways, and garage doors.

Warehouse Roller Shutter Doors

Shutters suitable for warehouse entrances can be supplied with geared chain operation or electrical operation usually fitted with a three phase motor suitable for constant use and we also supply high speed shutters.

Available in a range of external coloured finishes.

Specialist Shutters

We supply a range of specialist shutter gates to meet customer requirements, see through shutters (shutter gates) of various types, punched, perforated, tube and link and glazed. Shutters can also be supplied with ‘Wicket Gate’ , a door contained within the curtain.

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