Security Cages

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We supply a range of cage systems that can be used for a number of applications where a secure area is required inside or outside a building. The steel panels are slotted so the cage is fully ventilated.

Applications where added security is needed include, computer protection, communications rooms, high value storage areas within warehouses and stores, external ventilated store areas.

The cages are fabricated from a number of bolt together sections making the system very flexible and easily adaptable for future needs, roofs can be included if required, and the entrance doors can be sliding or hinged.

Various locking methods are offered either by a key operated two point slam lock or by an electromagnetic lock that can be connected to an entry system.

Spikes & Anti Climb Paint

We supply and install external security measures, anti climb paint and spikes can prove very effective when used together to deter vandals from climbing onto roofs or scaling walls

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