Summer Security for the Home

Crime figures show that criminal activity increases during the summer months especially with regards to opportunistic burglary. During this time we understandably in certain case tend to relax our usual security precautions, understandably in many cases due to warm weather. For example we’ll leave windows and doors open to let the air in which can give a criminal the chance they need to make a swift ‘snatch and grab’ robbery.

Another factor in these summer months is with many families going away on their holidays leaving observant burglars with unoccupied targets. Even with a family in the garden enjoying the weather, a bold burglar can often gain access through an open front door and take a few small valuable items such as I-pads, mobile phones or laptops. The following precautions can help defend against such threats:-

If in rear garden keep the front door and windows closed.
Place small valuable items which can be easily taken concealed so that any would be thieves are not enticed to target your property.
Keep any personal tools which could be used to gain access stashed away from the front of your house as no burglar wants to be caught by police with these on them.
A radio playing near the front will deter a burglar as they believe that there is activity in the front of the house.
Finally installing security grilles or a security door will both deter and help prevent a burglar from forcing entry into your home.

It is important to keep our guard up during the summer weeks as we can easily become complacent during this time. Remember that the best way to tackle burglary is by not advertising it to potential wrong doers.

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