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Vandal Protection

Vandal Screening is a framed and finely perforated tough mesh screen attached to the outside of glazed panels to protect the glass against vandalism. It will stop the penetration of anything from bricks , stones and even small projectiles like air gun pellets.

From a distance or Vandal Screening resembles tinted glass and improves privacy and from the inside the visibility is excellent.

Vandal Screening is constructed from 2.0mm galvanised steel sheets with fine 4mm diameter perforations, the screens are fully enclosed in an aluminium frame.

The screens are usually fitted to the outside of windows and unlike other Anti Vandal measures like roller shutters, do not generally require planning permission. They can also be fitted to the inside of window or door glazed panels as an alternative security measure to fitting fixed burglar bars.

There are two main ways to fit the panels. The neatest is to fit to the window frames so that the appearance of the property is retained and the windows can be opened normally. The alternative is to fit single panels with stand offs so there is enough clearance for the windows to be opened for ventilation.

Our Vandal Screens are supplied with black mesh and white or black frames, other coloured frames can be supplied at extra cost.

Intruder Anti Vandal Screens

Tested to LPS 1175 SR1 with a Secured by Design Licence from the Police

We also supply a higher security Intruder Anti Vandal Screen, similar in appearance to our standard Anti Vandal screens but made with a heavier duty frame welded at the corners.

Independently tested to LPS 1175 SR 1 and with a Secured by Design License issued by the Police.

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