What Shops do Burglars target?

Burglars will target any type of shop depending on what they are looking to take. This is because every single shop has money in it, which is the most common reason why shops are targeted. They will break in to steal money out of the till, the safe or sometimes if they haven’t got enough time to crack the safe there and then, they will take the whole safe with them and attack it later when they have more time and there is less risk of being interrupted or disturbed.

The goods inside the shop will often be taken because they can be sold on to make easy money. Every type of shop is vulnerable to being burgled, from tiny corner shops and takeaways right up to big department stores and car dealerships.

There are different types of burglary and different ways which burglars gain access to shops. If it is just an opportunist burglary or sometimes known as a smash and grab, then it will have had little or no planning and often access is gained by just smashing a window. .In these cases the burglars will just take what ever they can grab quickly so they can be in and out as fast as possible. Another type of burglary is called a ram raid. This is where a car or some other type of vehicle is driven at high speed at the shop, normally into the doors.

The vehicle is quite often stolen a few days before the burglary and dumped or burned out after. Again this is a quick type of burglary where the thieves will grab what they can in a short amount of time and then leave as quick as possible. These types of burglary make a lot of mess and often cost more in repairs than the value of the goods taken.

There are some burglars that break into shops knowing exactly what they are going to steal. They will have done research and background work so they will know exactly how they are going to gain access to the property, where they are going once they have gained access, their way out of the building and their escape route away from the burglary.

These burglars will also have ways of deactivating security devices so they can spend as much time as they need in the premises. To do this they may disable the burglar alarm by spraying foam in it so the two bells cannot bang against each, therefore there will be no sound. They might cut the signalling to the alarm.

Another common tactic used by burglars is to set off the alarms repeatedly so that the owners of the building and the police stop responding to it, then with the alarm disabled it is much easier for the burglars to gain entry. Once they are in they can do more or less what they like, if you have a delivery bay they would be able to operate the shutter so they could drive a van in to load up.

They would have as much time as they liked to take the goods which they wanted and break open any safe that might be there. Also because they have the run of the place, then quite often they would exit the building via a different way to which they entered.

Car dealerships are often targeted not just for the money but for the cars which they stock. Normally these are high specification, top end cars such as BMW, Mercedes etc. They are quite often stolen to order so the thieves know exactly which car they going to take and they can get them out of their possession very quickly. It is often very technical and well organised criminal gangs that commit this type of burglary.

Chemist’s shops are often targeted by burglars; again this is because of the money in the till but also because of the pharmaceuticals which will be in the store. Often drug addicts will break into a chemists shop to steal prescription drugs if they are unable to obtain any illegal drugs. They may also want to take any money which may be in the premises, which they would use to buy drugs on the street. The drug culture in this country is behind a large majority of burglaries committed.

Probably the most common form of burglary from retail premises is shop lifting. This is when someone enters a shop picks up an item, then exits or attempts to exit the shop without paying. Shop lifting is anything from small things such as chocolate bars and sweets up right up to larger more expensive goods. People have even been known to walk out with items such as television sets and bicycles etc.

So any sort of shop and retail premises that has money or goods inside it is a potential target for a burglar and unfortunately it seems as though this will always be the case.

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