Leasing of Security Equipment

We can offer in partnership with a number of finance companies a leasing agreement on our security installations, investing in effective physical security can be a large investment and it can put pressure on the budget, obviously it does not a good idea to cut corners with a security installation because of a shortage of immediate funds

Even if the funds are available it may still make sense to lease the equipment because it releases the funds for other uses within the organisation.

100% of the lease rental can be set against a companies corporation tax liabilities in the same year, if the equipment is purchased outright it is treated as an asset so that only depreciation can be offset against tax each year.

Key Benefits of Leasing are:-

– Helps Cash Flow, prevents tying up capital
– Cost of installation included in rental
– Rental payments are 100% tax deductible
– Existing credit facilities can be retained for other uses
– No short cuts taken because of lack of funds
– The equipment is owned at the end of the leasing period

For more information or a quotation please call our office, 0121 445 2587

Please note leasing is not available to domestic customers

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